Primarily three topics over social responsibility:


Everything related cause and reaction, (crime, disability, adoption services, unemployment, services of great help, crazy ex super stalker relationships etc.)

To donate – link on right hand side “buy for a homeless” takes you to secure trusty paypal. Funds  go to ID recovery, phones, housing and supplies.

Non-Profits, Businesses and Churches;

Those helping people from the BIGGEST to the smallest, from the most known to the least known. Donating to organizations, and donating to individuals.

With the Democratic capitalistic system is much success, reward and innovation for entrepreneurs and the rest, with that risk and poverty and social responsibility.


Always looking for more information so post your sites address and maybe even a special press will be in order.

…and of course a few personal stories and updates on my situation…

New posts will be every week for sure, and every couple of days! Enjoy and feel free to laugh when you’re suddenly bored and “wandering what the poor people are doing today.”