Without going into too many details I was three months out of basic training in the land of the free home of the brave. I went straight out of basic to the city of my long-lost father, after a week of searching my wallet with a large some of money was stolen, the police never found the perpetrators. I slept outside for three months for no other reason than because I had no ID or a way to buy an ID.

I car pooled to another shelter, Brother Charlies, in Tifton GA where I had my bank card mailed to me with the remaining $400.00. They usually don’t let people stay without an ID for various reasons. In this time I was told I could work in a shelter owned thrift store 35-40 hours a week, in return Id be fed, bathed and sheltered. The two girls on payroll at the thrift store were awesome to say the least and they forced me to accept cloths pro bono even when I insisted on paying cash. A very reliable place in my book, Brother Charlies even let me use their address to send my birth certificate, after a month I had my ID and a plan…

I now had a supply of cloths, an ID, a bicycle, and a phone. Had I filed for unemployment three months earlier I would’ve qualified, now however, I do not, furthermore it is unacceptable to sit and waste away now it’s time to find a job.

Five months later…

*I’ve been working two or three days a week at labor halls, I’ve applied to over fifty locations, two interviews.

Since I was not working at the thrift store I had to pay most of my labor hall money to Brother Charlies for rent, which honestly isn’t that much.

*Brother Charlies was the only address I could use.

I’ve run out of places to apply in this small peanut farming community.

Time to exercise plan B