We plan on leaving Tifton GA and meeting in Waycross; Dwight about 22 my age and his uncle Dave Vietnam vet, with Randal my car pooler and (me)Thomas. They are to take the straighter northern route through Douglas and we are to take the southern route to Valdosta and through smaller towns. Those we have grown close to we will miss, but they do not want to part with their beloved town of Tifton and who can blame them. I will always remember those who have helped me, as I walk on black water I will remember those talks and even the smallest of comments from the unnamed.

They are to walk and hitch hike the 65 mile journey to meet in two weeks. We are to stay in Valdosta for a week and a half and then to Waycross.

The idea we stumbled upon with much thought, fighting, and hair pulling, but the plan finally came – we are to flee the area tomorrow morning. The vision is to travel until we receive enough help or work to sustain ourselves.

Hopeless and waiting, waiting for change will be others, many others. We will give them a hand and guide the way, away. If they chose to join, our numbers will grow, by sheer size we will find hope, hope in ourselves and the will to keep running this race.

If we move alone, we will do so proudly. Always reminded of but never living in the past we will move forward. We bring drink, little food, sleeping bags and tent for the rain. We will make mistakes and take the wrong path, but all roads the same place.

My eyes opened, I look to my right and see Dwight the tall goofy brown haired figure looking at me and banking the metal loft pillar. In southern accent “Hey Tom wake up it’s time for breakfast haha you crazy man it’s pancakes and sausage today.”

“ugh yeah I’m going to miss that”
“…Me too”

“So are you sure you really want to walk all that way? You know I’d give you a ride but it’s not my car and Randal says there is not room with his COPD asthma medicine in the back seat. He needs it to survive.”
Dwight “Um, yeah that kinda sucks but at least we both have cell phones and can stay in touch.”
Thomas “right, and remember to call every day at eight so we know it’s alright and keep your cell phone charged.”

Dwight “What do we do when we get there?”
Thomas “We will cross that bridge when we get there, or sleep under it I guess” They both laughed at the pun.

Thomas and Dwight hugged, Randal and Dave exchange serious looks with a hand shake. Out of the corner of my eye I do believe I saw a slight smirk in on the side of Randals lips. He was ready.

So two started walking down one road, and two drove off into eastern sunrise without money, family, or opportunity. But they had each other and for the time being a small spark.