Since last friday I’ve been in Valdosta Georgia seeking jobs staying in a shelter. After losing my wallet I met up with a group of people in Tifton GA, reclaimed my ID and started thinking of a plan with Randle. We will keep moving, hoping someone will help us, those of us that can to work, and increase our numbers. Strength in numbers and keep traveling town to town. Read more in post “Plan B” In the last week We’ve stayed at the salvation army, checking in at nights. During the day I go to the library, job seek and talk to “the locals”
Jobs I’ve Applied (I do have an Associates Degree from college and physically capable):
Dollar Tree Milissa
Blazers Tavern
Club Paradise
Knights of Columbus
Vintage Clothing
Chevron Peter and Laura
Nursing home
General Dollar Beth
Gate Gas Station
Chocolate store
fudge store
Cracker Barrel
 Dairy Queen
Animal Hospital
Jims gym
Discount Grocery
JC Penny
Wall Mart
Days Inn
Cash Advance
House INN restaurant
Cup cake
Fruit and Wine
Food lion
Duncan Donuts
Office Max
Better World Books
Fed EX
TD Bank
Regions bank
Colony Bank
Bank of Valdosta
Parking Meter personal with Energy corp
Movie Theater
 *I really did bust my but this week and I had two interviews with a gas station and the movie theater! Waiting for the call backs… maybe I should follow up. If I get hired I’ll stay here and get an apartment, if not I will continue with Randle to Waycross.
Dwight and Dave are doing good they’ve been camping in woods, actually had someone outside Tifton give them a lift! They have food stamps for food, and have finally made it to the small town of Douglas not far from Waycross.
Only got another week until we have to meet up in Waycross, in the mean time I’ll have some posts by other people on the street in the shelter, and some short stories – if you wanna hear more of a particular story let me know these things.