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Summary of events: Dave, Dwight, Randal, and two stragglers follow Thomas the main character who has been in contact with a man by the pen name James, following the route and the messages of James who aids them with his network of connections and resources. Thomas leads people on the street to a journey to the metaphorical promised land, unleashing a course of events not yet realized. He must face the burden of leadership on his selected route while fulfilling his personal agenda to find his real father who he has lost contact ever since his adoption. After encountering a man by the name of Buddy, he fully now realizes the solidity of other groups following routes just as they are and becomes more cautious as the potential scale becomes more unpredictable. Moving from town to town and keeping hope of survival and happiness alive.

The voice was beaten rough, Thomas listened intently “Hey it’s Dwight, this town has been more trouble than we thought. A neighbor saw us enter the woods and told the owner , about the third day the police came and told us we had to leave. So we left the town and headed for way cross, we had to stop for rest and set camp, another of the county officers got to us from the farmers. It’s bullshit, Dwights voice was building in frustration, the officer told us this was our second warning in that county and put us in county jail for three weeks.” Dwights uncle Dave was muttering something in the background. “But you guys are alright now right.” “Yes, hopefully you haven’t left Waycross yet, because we will be there in a day, two at most. By the way we picked up a straggler along the way and are running three deep.”reported Dwight. Due to the problems, Thomas had assumed they would be discouraged from continuing their journey, however, they seemed to have increased in determinism and have another member. “Hmph, yeah we are still here, a new guy – that’s good news” Dwight interrupted, “No not a guy, it’s a girl, sorry the town was too small so we couldn’t create a contact to stay behind, she was the only person along the road we saw.”

“Great, Thomas said. What is her name, and age?” said Thomas “About nineteen, and her name is Christine, but hey Uncle wants to talk to Randal real quick man, nice to hear from you.” “You too. Here he is” Randal was handed the phone from Thomas, “Thomas why does he want to talk to me for, I don’t need to talk to him.” Irritated, Thomas replied “Just take the phone, he’s an old man like you, I’m sure you could use a chat yourself, don’t be difficult.” Randal talked to Dave for a few minutes, covering a reiteration of the past couple weeks, bad health, and false cheeriness from Randal as usual. All part of his personal hustle thought Thomas.

Thomas, thought about the insurmountable odds they were all faced with in this journey. Dwight and Dave added Christine to their group, and he and Randal had added Buddy. In one mouth they had turned four into six out in the middle of nowhere. Less than he had planned but more than he expected. Thomas went to the library and sent a report through email, the subject nothing, and was addressed to James. Thirty seconds later he read the email as “Thomas, what has taken you so long, I know you want to wait on the others but we must stick to the schedule. When you arrive at Savannah, there is a certain thrift store you will be permitted employment for a short duration, payment will be under the table. Ask for Chad. Go to PO Box 124 on 1547 Roosevelt Blvd, it will be locked – Chad will give you the key, you will find the  material we have for you there. Good luck, you have come a long way already. We chose you because of your credentials, proven leadership positions and moral and ethical attitude, you can not however be to sensitive with the people you are with and must make hard decisions. You must understand this.” With a feeling of specified curiosity, Thomas set his cup on the library table. This guy is more connected than I thought, maybe James actually does have a master plan and the path to get there. Thomas wondered if James was homeless like them, or living in halfway houses. Thomas went back to the bench where buddy was sitting and confided in Buddy the news first before he had talked to Randal who was again at the McDonalds. Thomas had done some research on funding for the homeless and found there were roughly 400,000 registered homeless, this Thomas knew was and underestimation, because when some towns do a homeless count at the shelters at least ten to 15 people out of forty disappear during the day long counting and registering of people at the shelter. Thomas himself failed to be reported, because he didn’t want any adverse information on his background no matter how minuscule the chance. Then with quick calculation he knew there were roughly 600,000 to 800,000 homeless in America. The government had passed a twenty-four billion dollar plan for the homeless. This amount of funding would on average equal forty thousand dollars per homeless person, he was aghast where is this money going!? Forty thousand dollars would be enough to permanently get him off the streets and jump start a new life, and homeless addicts only equals a small percentage of those in halfway houses because he knew that any person getting high or drinking get kicked out the first night, and often are not allowed back, even though most in shelters are clean good people, many had already done the damage and so have to pay for it. All in all the system is messed up. Why didn’t the homeless shelters higher homeless to work in the kitchen, why do they higher perfectly financially healthy people. Long ago Thomas had stopped asking questions, stopped trying to change things. When one has no power, when one is completely subject to the control of another he or she must not think, hide pride, and do as told. Hope is all he had now, he could only hope James new what he was doing. Times do change, but the fun don’t. For those in the group who were addicts, the addictions can change but at the same time addiction will always be there as an obsession and the new faith will be in each other. One person he had met said this might be borderline communism, communism he argued was a system forcing people to share as apposed to a system embracing sharing. Looking up at the group standing the most unlikeliest of places, on a beautifully landscaped patch of grass looking at the horizon, at the ground, at him ready for a response, “ETA in seven days, here’s your map Randal, Buddy is going with you, the rest of you, lets move.”