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Favor #1 07/21/12

Curtis Baffico recently interviewed in U~T Sandiego here. This guy raised 1,500 dollars and is contemplating making matts out of old cigarette butts.

USAToday TerraCycle company launching program will pay UPS shipping for recycled butts and reward points equal to roughly 1$ per pound to be awarded to a charity of your choice.


The Terra Cycle company web site was scanned as I dig through the information even setting up an account of my own, as of today no program is listed for cigerrete butts collection.


Eco-Tech Displays is another listed from the article a Ohio based company.

Planning on covering this topic more in detail at a latter date. is a California nonprofit, butt collection, and concentrating on small groups of people who are making small diferences in the community.


Tom Hanks what are you doing!?

Tom Hanks what are you doing!?

TomHanks Cartoon Electric City 07/21/12

Electric City is a series of cartoons voiced over by Tom Hanks as main character Clevland Carr a professional “Grid Operative” as these guys from Yahoo featured.

This is very reminicent of Emerald City a teenage book slash movie of a dumbed down society. The city is a city that recycles everything and who’s inhabitants never leave its safe boundaries, the outside is filled with darkness. Spooky. Much like New York was this past week when some people expeirenced an electrical blackout for a short time.

The picture as shownis directly copied from Electric City Web Page, grungy and obtrusive, a glance of their blended toon slash videogame in apple stores at the humble price of only .99 cents. A fan of Hanks, not the game.