Among the postulating current sullen with Siphonopores and Anlgerfish could be heard the muffled voice of a man.
Greggory  diligently owned up to his job title, easing the Uler tank backward. A man on a mission. A horrendous disoriented screaching.
The Uler tank broke free, eerie deserted void once again became quiet. A loan voice could be heard, a brake in the silence “The crane does
not look good.” Report Kadence in a fine forge voice. It’s badly bent and looks caved across the top. Since it might be full of fuel, at least we can
take a look.” The moment was just right “This just might be our lucky day.”
Greggory pushed the blue icon.

Beams of light descended upon the rubys and saphires, extracted from days worth of hard work in the Kowan region.
Kerry is honored to be the disigner of such a rare occasion. “Ah, but be that for the saphires only. I may be an old hage, but I am a very wise
old hage. I travel many places and have seen beautiful, beautiful, great and nobel things of both these jewels I am sure.
So what is it you will overlay my dear.”

“Yes and wise you are the hage who has seen beautiful, beautiful, great and noble things.” Kerry bow down. “Truely
there has been no hage wiser. And from such humble beginnings.”

“This is a progressive era, is it not to be a distraction to society? Distraction can be a menace my dear a very bold
Kerry turned from the window. Her face blac-
-kened “To paraphrase your accusation of my use of flawless handlings,
dealings with the design of my crown a, a – distraction!”

“It is not your crown as of yet, I humbly beseach you my princess.”

“That is true. That is true. But beseach me forward not backward.” Princess Kerry breath out her nose rather strong.

The hage who has seen many beautiful, beautiful, great and nobel things paused and spoke hesitantly. Rechewing her
cud she had scraped for. ” I am not your attache’. I will not act so. You need not put your rubies in your crown. I will not wobble
on this topic. Six years I went to school and in the Kawanna district, the one right next to Kawana region. I bet
my wagger you did not know I knew that. Six years I sat year after year and no one spoke to me about rubys on a crown
for a princess. Rubys are for Kings. That I know. Are you determined to be rejected, for if you are determined rejection
you must accept for the survival of you plan.”

The lighting in the room was now strange the hage who has seen beautiful, beautiful and noble great things hunched on the wooden
table with head cocked and elbows pointing out.

Scrape of the nails on the old wooden table. “What you need is a staff. Out of the elements, rubies of the Gods.
Arod blasted with the tiniest most random orientation to a point.” It’s cheaply done and easily the most unheard of obtrusive
thing.” “Exactly my point dear, the rod will be of power, a bold mass effect to distinguish our proud taste fo feminism.”
The hage grinned.

“Oh you let on, and Know more than you let on. What kind of fool do you take me for. I will not be the object of your joke.”
The Princess masked her red face.

The staff was to be ingrained with the jewels, incrested with silver. Webs of wire at the behest of the Queen. A staff worthy to
swwep the nation with joy and honor. It is Kerrys duty. And what happened to the hage who has seen many beautiful, beautiful,
and nobel, great things. Well what did you think happened, she went on to more beautiful great and nobel things.

    She tilted her head, Kadence stare through the overhead viewport “It looks like the outer rim the fuel tank is hung up on a beam.”
    “I should have seen it.”
    “It was not there when we entered, I suspect must have fallen after we had passed.”